conny: the woman from eastern switzerland, who’s (apart from her language) probably more of a grindelwald woman than many native ones

early in the morning – the sun still not reached the grindelwald valley because of the high mountains – when I walk or ride my bike up the mountain, the sun gets closer and closer and the first rays shine in my face.. – ..then, everything is in balance. this is the moment where I find that I have settled in the right place. I love this wonderful world!


beni: the flying host

since 1987 I’m a patented paraglider pilot. I like to fly with you over the valley of grindelwald and show you my home from a bird’s eye view. as a ski instructor and mountain bike guide I’m certainly able to give you one or the other tip where to find the most beautiful trails or the best slopes. so, just contact me…..


petra: the czech energy bundle

only just finished with work, I’m already somewhere on tour! boredom is a foreign word to me. I spend a lot of time outdoors – whether jogging, hiking or geo-catching (with which you can discover great places). I’m a bundle of energy and by no means a bad-weather-muffle… when there’s nothing more to do outside, I like to let my imagination run wild at my stove, read an exciting book or relax and already plan my next tour…


barbara: mountainbike kids guide

as a committed mother of 2 lively girls and a native of grindelwald, I find balance in nature. my heart beats for the mountains. whether in summer with a mountain bike, running or mountaineering and in winter on touring skis.