• Arrival check-in is from 3pm – 9pm. if you arrive earlier, you are welcome to park your car here, change your clothes, and explore the city or our mountains before you check in.check-in after 9pm is only available with advance notice. with advance notice, we will give you a code for the key box, in which you will find your room key. if you check-in after 9pm without giving us any advance notice we will charge you with a fine of chf 30.00! an early check-in option at 1pm is available, with an extra charge chf 30.00 per room. however, you must book this at least 24 hours before your arrival.
  • Adapter you can get an international plug adapter at our reception de sk. our adapters have a voltage of 230 volts. we also have different chargers/adapters for a variety of electrical appliances that we lend to our guests.


  • Bank & Money exchange in the center of Grindelwald, next to the train station, you will find various banks, ATMs and money exchangers. you can also exchange money at our hotel reception.
  • Bar everything you consume at the hotel bar will be charged daily on your hotel bill.
  • Bathrobe we charge chf 7.– to rent a bathrobe for your whole stay in hotel lauberhorn. if you would like one, you can get it at our hotel reception desk.
  • Bike Expertise Beni Kaufman is a certified bike guide and trail scout. he knows very much about each of the offered tours from his own experience. Conny Kaufmann is also an active mountain biker and knows the area inside and out. they will both be happy to support you in your choice of tours and can advise you either during breakfast or in the evening at the hotel reception.
  • Bike-Info-Corner we have one bike-info-corner located in the basement and a second one located in the hotel lobby, which is the central infopoint for all mountain bikers in the hotel. here, you will find an overview map as well as our tour folder with the gps-tours, including altitude profile, route length, degree of difficulty, and a lot of other information for your perfect bike vacation.
  • Bike Laundry Service we can wash your bike and trail running clothes for free. you can put your clothes in the laundry basket next to the bike room until 7pm, and the next morning at 8am you will find them freshly washed for you in the same place.
  • Bike Room our bike room is available for your bikes at any time. however, from 21:00 until 08:00 every night, the bike room is locked and is not accessible to anyone.
  • Bike-Shop Bikebox, Dorfstrasse 179, Tel: 033 343 38 18 or Intersport Rent Network, Dorfstrasse 168, Tel: 033 853 04 00
  • Bike Washing place a place to wash your bike is located at the entrance to the basement.
  • Breakfast we offer a delicious breakfast buffet with local fresh products from 7:30 to 10:00 a.m. every morning.  you can eat as much as you want, but please do not take anything with you, otherwise we will charge you for it. breakfast is included in the price without exception and cannot be excluded in terms of price – so it will always be charged, whether it is consumed or not. there is lactose-free milk on the buffet, but no other special foods for lactose- or gluten-intolerant guests.



  • Children children are welcome, but we don’t offer services for them. there is no playroom, we have no baby cribs, no high chair, and no games. parents are responsible to provide their own services for their children.
  • Complaint / Reclamation in case of complaints or discrepancies, we ask you to contact us immediately and directly. this is the only way we can react immediately and look for a solution together. your stay should not be spoiled by trivialities. in retrospect, it is of no use to you or us to hold back on complaints. we are also grateful for constructive criticism.


  • Departure we kindly ask you to vacate your room on the day of departure by 11am at the latest. if you want to do a bike tour or a trail running session on your departure day, you are welcome to shower at our hotel afterwards. please just let us know when you check out. if you want to keep your room until noon on the day of your departure, we have a late check out option available until noon for an extra charge chf 30.00 per room. if you would like this option, please inform the reception the day before.
  • Doctor & Pharmacy doctor: Xundheitszentrum Grindelwald, Spillstattstrasse 14, Tel 033 854 54 40 / pharmacy: Coop Vitality, Dorfstrasse 101, Tel 058 878 86 00
  • Drying Room for wet clothes, rain jackets, motorcycle suits and shoes of all kinds (including ski boots) there is a dryer in the basement (in the luggage and ski boot room). you can hang your wet clothes on a clothes hanger on the dryer. in summer, we only turn on the dryer on request, but in winter it runs daily from 5am to 8am.


  • Emergency Call in switzerland the emergency number is 112. the emergency call center is manned around the clock, it can be called from a landline or cell phone and it is always free of charge. at the reception, you will find a phone which you may use in emergencies.


  • Flowers do you always need a reason to want fresh flowers? it doesn’t matter… give us your budget and your idea (and enough time for organization) and we will get you the flowers you desire.
  • Fire Alarm we hope that this will never be used! our hotel has a central fire alarm system. on each floor there are additional manual release switches. you will find an escape plan as well as further instructions on the room door.alarm – rescue – fire fighting
    1. keep calm, avoid panic
    2. alert others immediately with any available means (hand alarm buttons, emergency phone at the reception, management 079 616 68 91)
    3. alert local fire department tel. 118
    4. alert guests and employees according to management’s instructions
    5. ask guests and employees to leave the rooms
    6. meeting point: parking lot in front of the hotel
  • First Aid at the reception we have plasters, bandages and disinfectants. you can borrow one of our small “first aid kits” for free if you do not have one of your own.


  • Guest card Grindelwald when you check in at the Hotel Lauberhorn, you will receive the Grindelwald guest card and benefit from the following discounts or free activities:
    Grindelwalder sports centre (downtown)
    50% to the indoor swimming pool / 50% to the artificial ice rink / 50% to the sauna oasis / 50% to the bouldering / 50% to the fitness-and weight room / 50% to the indoor swimming pool
    50% to the artificial ice rink / 50% to the sauna oasis / 50% to the bouldering / 50% to the fitness-and weight room
    Grindelwald / surroundings
    free use of ski & local bus / free use of Grindelwald library / free use of cross-country skiing trail / special rate for Firstbahn (Grindelwald – First – return) / 20% discount Pfingstegg
    20% discount indoor rope park / 10% discount glacier gorge / 10% discount tennis court / 10% discount open-air swimming pool / discount local museum / discount ice hockey games
  • Games in the lounge you can find some fun social games.
  • Golf Golf Grindelwald, Aspistrasse 7 Phone 079 658 88 66 there is a driving range and a 9 hole short game course which can be played even without a golf license! there are no fixed tee times and no dressing requirements.
  • GPS devices you can rent our Garmin Oregon device at the reception. Beni can also record the desired bike route on your GPS so that you will not get lost.


  • Hair Dryer there is a hairdryer in every room.
  • Hiking backpacks we have several 20-30 liter backpacks that you can borrow for free during your stay.
  • Hiking & Biking Info Material we are specialists in the outdoor area. we are happy to advise you and give you route suggestions. in addition, at the reception you can find lots of informational material about ski slope maps, hiking and biking maps, excursion destinations and much more. we are always very happy to help you. you are also welcome to fill your tea bottle yourself at the reception.
  • Hiking poles we rent hiking poles to our guests at the main entrance.
  • Hygiene Products in every room you will find the usual hygiene products (soap, shower gel). did you forget your toothbrush? no problem… we provide necessary hygiene products to you at our reception.


  • Isotonic Drink isotonic powder can be found next to the lauberhorn sofa. you may use the powder however you like.




  • Laundry Service we are happy to wash your laundry. at the reception you will receive a laundry bag for your clothes. you may decide the washing temperature. this laundry service takes 24 hours and costs chf 20.- per bag. we will return your laundry washed and dried, but unfolded.
  • Library at the main entrance on the left you will find a small library with various magazines. on the second floor you will find a bookshelf full of novels.
  • Luggage storage for our arriving and departing guests we also offer a room for luggage storage. this room is located in the basement.


  • Night Rest we ask our guests to be quiet after 22:00 so that the well-deserved sleep of other guests is not disturbed. for sensitive ears, earplugs are available in the “goodnight box”.
  • Night Service as a 2 star hotel we do not have a night service, but can be reached by phone at any time. the emergency phone is on the reception counter.


  • Meal Times breakfast: 7.30 am – 10 am. our hotel bar is always open as long as we are here… usually open until 9 pm.




  • Payment please pay your bill at the reception the evening before your departure. we prefer cash payment in swiss francs and euro (at the current exchange rate) followed by “EC/Maestro, V-Pay and Postcard”. we also accept credit cards “Visa and Mastercard”. however, due to the high fees we incur, we ask you not to give preference to this means of payment. please understand that “AMEX and DINERS” are not accepted”.
  • Paragliding Beni is a licenced paraglider tandem pilot and will gladly take you for a flight, or give you launch and landing site information.
  • Parking a parking lot is available directly in front of the hotel for all guests. please make sure that you park in such a way so that as many cars as possible can fit. we will charge 5.– chf per day and parking space!
  • Pets pets are not allowed in the Hotel Lauberhorn due to allergy problems.
  • Pillows/Blankets healthy sleep is important to us. that’s why we offer you additional pillows with various amounts of stuffing to fit your needs. we also have neck pillows that you can pick up at the reception. wool blankets are available in your room or at the reception.


  • Rental bikes can be reserved and rented at the following stores. Bikebox, Dorfstrasse 164 Tel: 033 343 38 18 / Intersport Rent Network, Dorfstrasse 168 Tel: 033 853 04 00
  • Repair Service beni has some mechanical experience and can help you with problems or can at least tell you who can repair your bike/skis/board.
  • Restaurant  what would you like to eat? we know the best places and we can happily reserve a table for you. here are some restaurant recommendations. at the reception you can also find a menu of our restaurant recommendations.
  • Room Key we ask you to change the room key when you leave the hotel and to take the hotel key with you so that you can get back into the hotel at any time. for lost keys we charge a fee of chf 50.00.


  • Safe since our rooms are not equipped with a safe, you can deposit your valuables in the hotel safe at the reception.
  • Sauna our small finnish sauna with cold water wood tub is available daily from 15:00 to 20:00. we heat the sauna only if it is reserved. preheating time approx. 30 minutes. the sauna is used “room by room”. so you get the benefit of a private sauna. the pre-reservation is mandatory! you have the following sauna times to choose from: 15.00 – 16.00 h / 16.00 – 17.00 h / 17.00 – 18.00 h / 18.00 – 19.00 h / 19.00 – 20.00 h (depending on the reservations we allow ourselves to adjust the times) reserve your sauna session early!!if you booked your stay directly through us (direct booking), the entrance is free. otherwise one hour costs chf 20.00 bathrobe rental: chf 7.00
  • Sewing Kit at the reception we are happy to help you out with a needle and thread if something is torn or if you lost a button.
  • Shoe Cleaning there is a shoe cleaning machine in the basement. if you need additional items for shoe care, please contact the reception.
  • Sleds we have 3 sleds for rent in the hotel. you can also rent a sled in almost any sport store or at the cable car stations.
  • Ski Bus Stops in winter there is a bus that stops every 15 min directly in front of the hotel (the name of the bus stop is Lauberhorn). you can find the exact times on your sbb-app or at the reception. the ski bus is free with the guest card and the ski pass.
  • Ski pass is available at the reception
  • Ski/Snowboard Rental with reservations, we rent salomon skis here in the hotel (160 cm – 179cm).
  • Ski, Snowboard & Ski Boot room located in the basement.
  • Sports Center if you are going swimming you may ask the reception for a towel you can borrow.



  • Taxi Grindelwald has a cab service under the following number: Frutt Taxi, Tel. 078 873 54 54
  • Tea bar from 3 pm – 5 pm you can prepare your own tea (next to the lauberhorn sofa)
  • Telephone at the reception there is a landline telephone that you may use for free for phone calls within switzerland.
  • Tip for Employees we have a piggy bank for tips at the reception. we thank you in advance for your generosity! all the money is distributed to all employees of the hotel lauberhorn at the end of the season.
  • Towel Exchange you may decide when we change your towels. just set them on the floor in the shower… then we will replace them.
  • Trail Running Expertise Beni and Conny Kaufmann are enthusiastic outdoor specialists and know the area inside and out. we are happy to help you out and inform you of your choice of tours and we can advise you daily during breakfast or in the evening at the reception.
  • Trail Running-Info-Cornerall information about trail running is located in the hotel lobby and library. this is the central infopoint for all runners in the hotel. here you will find an overview map as well as our tour book with the gps-tours. this includes altitude profile, route length, degree of difficulty, and much more information for your perfect trail running experience.
  • Trail Running Laundry Service see bike laundry service
  • Trailrunning-Shop Backdoor, Dorfstrasse 164 Tel: 033 853 09 70
  • Transportation there are various mountain railroads, cablecars and buses that will take you to your excursion destinations. we will be happy to give you information at the reception and we can print out the tickets you want right away. this way you can avoid the lines at the ticket offices of the railroads.
  • TV Program under the following link you will find the channel assignment of the room tvs: TV PROGRAM in the lounge to the right of the main entrance there is a tv with swiscom tv, which has over 400 tv programs.



  • Voucher a special kind of gift…. we will gladly create an individual gift voucher for you at the reception.


  • Winter Hiking with Sleds we have belts for you to pull the sleds up the mountain. everything you hike up with your sled, you can take the sled down 🙂
  • Wake Up Services we are happy to provide an alarm clock for you at the reception that will wake you up at your desired time.
  • Water Kettle we have a kettle available at the reception next to the lauberhorn-sofa and in the basement. you can use it at any time (but please only use it for water).
  • WIFI/WLAN you have free wifi access in the whole hotel. the wifi password is “welcome1”.