a short story about the hotel, the taking over and all the renovations which have been done until today… and we still have so many plans and ideas under the motto “one at a time but never two of the same kind”.


on the 25th of january, the purchase of the lauberhorn was finished. the hotel was built in 1963 by the schilt family and was later managed by erwin & marianne howald. the howald’s are still helping us with bits and pieces and they are always ready to give us a piece of advice. we are of course very happy to have such kind and helpful neighbors and we are trying our best to take as good care of the hotel lauberhorn as the prior owners did.

MAI 2005

hotel lauberhorn reopening
we opened our doors on the 19th of may, after some renovations

hotel facade/the balconies were planned and foundation walls were painted / entrance & reception area were renovated / walls removed & painted / the breakfast room was painted as well / our chill-out room was completely remade & decorated / we created a media room with new furniture, internet corner and wireless-lan.


new sauna
with help from ruedi kaufmann, we rebuilt the game and playroom into a finnish sauna with a relax area. the sauna is suitable for 4 people and has a large shower and a coldwater tub as well. the relax area with “calming” green walls has a direct and excellent view of the eiger north face. it’s perfect after an active day

MAI 2006

double room choco-vanille
our efforts to create a larger double room out of an old twin and single room, were a success. our stylish choco-vanille room – “our pearl” – has a double bed, flatscreen tv, large shower and a balcony with a mountain view of the beautiful “wetterhorn”.


floor renovations
after remarks from some of our guests, that a few rooms weren’t so sound-proof, we decided to renovate the corridor on the 2nd floor. the walls were well insulated and the new fire proof doors are very sound absorbing. the staircase was also renovated with fire resistant material and each floor has a fire sector. at the same time, we installed fire detectors in the entire hotel as well as a brand new fire detecting system with a direct connection to the fire brigade – your safety is important for us!

MAY 2007

double room lemon
on the 2nd floor was still a public toilette and bathroom. out of this old rooms we created an other new doubleroom called “lemon-lime” totally new, stylish, lemon-green double room, flatscreen tv and balcony with view to the wetterhorn and lime-yellow bathroom with shower/toilet.


corridor renovation first 1st floor
the corridor renovation on the 2nd floor last year, was a success (sound absorbing insulation) and this year it was time for the 1st floor which now has well insulated new walls and fire proof doors.


chic rooms
at the same time, the first “chic rooms” were created! we made three standard rooms sound proof with new walls, ceiling and floor and refurnished them with solid wooden beds and flatscreen tvs

MAY 2008

roof renovation
after a pretty good winter season, we decided to renovate the hotel roof. it is now coated with a 140mm insulation-layer and has new roof tiles. this was a large financial investment for us – but it means lower heating costs and less co2 emission – we see it as our small contribution against global warming.


sun deck
in september 08, in the northeastern part of the garden, a big wall & floor foundation was covered with concrete. we will finish the sundeck next spring.

renovation of 2 twin and 2 single rooms
during mid-october, we renovated the remaining 4 rooms on the 2nd floor into chic rooms. now, the rooms all have tv and are characterized by conny’s headstrong color concepts. this means that the 2nd floor in the hotel lauberhorn is now fully renovated & completely redecorated


room renovation
a chic room, a softly renovated regular single room, as well as a double room are the results of our springtime efforts.

sun deck
a new sun-deck came to life in spring 2009. the idea was to create a chill-out platform where one would be able to enjoy the breathe taking scenery of the surrounding mountains. another purpose of the deck was to become a perfect setting to rise a glass of wine to a successful day. by sunset, bikers and hikers would dip their burned-out feet in the fountain for a rewarding cool-down after long efforts. one could also plug its own ipod or mp3 player to our sound system, and by just taking a glimpse of the spectacular mountains, get the feeling of sitting in a giant movie theater where listening to one’s personal soundtrack creates all the drama.


new rooms
thanks to michèles energetic support, we started the renovation of another four rooms in autumn 2009. The three-bed-room had a complete make over with an orange and yellow color scheme, new carpet and better use of available light. we also newly insolated the walls and ceiling. as the last touch, we put in a flatscreen tv. two double rooms and the one single room were lightly renovated and freshly decorated. we changed the carpets, installed new sink bowls and refurnished the rooms. the double rooms were painted in a coffee latte tone and weave pattern. the single room is very uniquely finished in raindrop art. these rooms have no tv, but the most fantastic view of the eiger north face


“light” renovation
during the five weeks between the winter and summer season we finished some smaller projects. for example we painted some walls and the communal toilet on the ground floor/basement and laid out outdoor carpet on the balconies on the first and second floor. in addition to this, beni built a new, big grill in the lauberhorn garden. we decided not to do any big renovations just now, since we will be rebuilding the whole third floor with it’s seven rooms and hallway in autumn 2010. these rooms will be brand new “top” rooms with bathrooms. come by and check them out! they will be ready for you by christmas 2010.


big construction at hotel lauberhorn
nails we’ll hit on their heads on the third and fourth floor of our house. but first everything has to be taken out! starting mid october 2010 the third and fourth floor will be completely cleaned out and demolished. walls, ceilings, floors… everything will be taken out and replaced with our new “top” rooms. curious for fall…we are! christmas 2010 our “top” rooms will be ready for you to enjoy. what color the rooms end up or what angle the beds will face is still undecided but one thing we do know: every room will have its own uniqueness! you already can reserve “your room” today and be the first person to spend a night in the new rooms!


the new top rooms are ready
it’s finished… the last stage of the room renovation is done. instead of the old style „cheap“ rooms we build totally new „top rooms“ with attention to detail under the motto „small is beautiful“ with special color schemes. thankfully most bathrooms are filled with daylight. each room is unique. convince yourself and enjoy the room in olive, pink, blue, pastel, mandarin, pistache or raspberry.


hotel entrance, front desk, chill- and breakfast room
the lauberhorn now has our own touch…on september 16, 2013 we started the remodeling of our main lobby. 

the first level (except for the kitchen) has been hollowed out, walls were knocked out and we added a big window front facing the mountains. the old front desk on the ground floor has been converted into a ski and bike room and the former ski/bike room has now a boot dryer to make your next day outing more enjoyable. of course all rooms received a new layer of paint.

on the first floor, now entered by a new outside staircase you will find a new, stylish hotel bar with a stunning view to the eiger north face. In the same location you’ll also find the front desk and the “chillaz-room” where the brown sofas with candle lights will make it a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. the new added front balcony will offer you an outstanding view of our mountains where you can enjoy the evening sun and our beautiful sunsets. our bright looking breakfast room painted in fresh green and furnished with different colored chairs, matched with our china will invite you to enjoy our breakfast buffet with local fresh products to start of your day.